My Favourite Travel Apps

Rome 2 Rio 

This is an absolute must for wherever your destination is!! Just put in your current address (or city) and where you want to go. Rome 2 Rio will give you exactly how to get there (including directions from stations and airports). It also gives you so many different options, from super budget flights to overnight busses and low to high priced plane tickets. As well as including the length of all your journey options. This is awesome, especially when you’re budgeting both money and time. I honestly couldn’t travel without the help of this app!

Hostel World 

If you’re travelling on a budget, Hostel World just became your new best friend. Just type in the city or town you’re travelling to and the app will give you all the accomodation info you need. Once you have chosen, based on hostel worlds fantastic reviews and rating system you can book everything through the app. As an awesome bonus, the confirmation email comes with exact to the door directions from major train stations and airports!!

Go Euro 

This app is very similar to Rome 2 Rio, however as the name suggests is only for use in Europe. It gives all the same options as Rome 2 Rio, however it includes some local transport such as Bla Bla Car. I found this useful for cities where the public transport wasn’t as reliable, or I needed to get from smaller towns to big cities!

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