How to live like Lizzie McGuire (for a day)

The Lizzie McGuire Movie put Rome at the top of many ‘must visit’ lists for girls around the world who grew up with the Disney sensation. Many a day dream has been had about travelling to a romantic country, being mistaken for a successful pop star and getting to perform at the Collesseum in front of all you family, besties and frenemies. Here is a list of all the things to do in Rome to make this dream a reality.


You have to start just like Lizzie did, so when you wake up it’s straight to the Trevi Fountain! First thing in a morning is a good idea for this location, as it gets super busy during the day and you want time to take in how incredible this sight is.

Just in case you don’t open your eyes and meet Paolo, you can hire a Vespa for yourself and explore the city. Once you have your super cute helmet on Rome is yours, take the day to explore the city. Unlike Lizzie and Paolo, make sure you stop at the locations such as the Pantheon and the breathtaking Italian Parliament Building.

Tivoli Gardens is a must on your Lizzie McGuire experience. Tivoli, is located about half an hour away from Rome, and is where you will find Hadrians Villa! You’ll need a lot of time here to explore all of the waterfalls and ponds that this incredible garden has to offer.


Finally, its time for you to warm up your vocal chords because you’re headed to the Colosseum. Grab your Isabella and don’t let the fact there’s no stage stop you from doing your best performance for your fellow tourists. Trust me, as you walk the ancient steps you will hear many versions of this very song.

Enjoy Lizzies!!!

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