Where to Meet People on Your Solo Travels

Having spent three months travelling Europe all by myself I learnt a thing or two about making fast friends.

When travelling solo, you’re actually not alone at all and here some ways to make this your single travel reality.

Screen Shot 2017-03-08 at 8.10.40 pm

1. At Hostels 

Unsurprisingly, hostels are the easiest places to meet people. I found that heading to the lounge areas in the late afternoon, just before dinner was the best time to have a chat to people. This serves as a great way of finding out some seriously awesome things to do, as well as different places to travel to. I made some awesome friends through these conversations, and you might find yourself with a travel buddy for the whole next day!!

2. Day Activities

Wether on a Free Walking Tour, or on a paid say trip this is an awesome way to meet people from other accommodation. There is a lot of down time during these tours as you explore and go from location to location.  I found that there were often one or two other solo travellers on these activities, so you sort of form a little alliance. As you get to know each other throughout the day you could find yourself with a lunch buddy or an explorer friend for the rest of your stay!

Screen Shot 2017-03-08 at 8.16.01 pm

3. Hop on Hop Off 

Companies like busabout are awesome for solo travellers to experience group travel but still do their own thing. On the bus to and from various locations its a great opportunity to get to know others that will be in the same city as you. Wether you go to the same hostel or not, you can swap details thanks to the free wifi on board and re connect when you’re settled in and ready to explore your new surroundings!!

The greatest thing about meeting people on your travels is that they provide as much inspiration as your favourite travel blogger! Everyone has had a different and unique experience and the more wanderlusters you meet the more you find out. Travelling solo was without a doubt the best decision I’ve ever made.

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