How to survive the Hostel from Hell

SO we’ve all been there (or a worried about being there) the reviews are great but the reality is not. At some point in your travels you are going to come across the hostel from hell. You will question everything about the establishment you will call home for the next few days. Have no fear, nomad girl is here to save your stay! The hostel of my nightmares had these incredible views, but that was about it.


Chances are this hostel is going to be home to a few party goers, which means lights on at all intervals through the night and drunk conversations at 2am. Invest in both ear plugs and an eye mask! Travel tip: keep the eye mask from the plane, rather than going and buying one. Ear plugs are fairly easy to find, especially if you have been staying good hostels as they’ll probably sell them at reception. Otherwise, head to the closest supermarket or pharmacy and you should be able to pick some up for fairly cheap.

Your morning shower is likely to be far from the picture of cleanliness you’re hoping to be! To help get rid of the ick factor make sure you have some thongs or sandals that you don’t mind getting wet. It also helps to have a cosmetic bag you can hang from the shower, this way you avoid making the things that make you clean, dirty.

Lastly, your bed. The place that is supposed to help you rest and be ready for tomorrows adventure has every chance of being the stuff of your nightmares instead. The best way to get through this is to not even think about the hell hostels laundry services. Also, to carry your own pillow case and sleeping bag liner (you can get these at Khatmandu). They don’t take up too much room in your backpack or suitcase and will come in handy so often, I promise!



Mostly though, focus on the fact that you are out exploring the big wide world! Your hostel only serves as a place to rest your head and store your things. If anything the hostel from hell forces you to explore EVEN MORE! Regardless of the quality, it’s still an experience!!

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