Spotlight on Iceland!

The first thing that happens when I tell people that I have been to Iceland is an absolute landslide of questions. All of which there is never enough time to answer! Enter: This blog post. Think of it as an FAQ on all things Iceland!

How was it?! 

This the most common of all the questions. It was amazing!!! I was invited to go the night before we left and bought the ticket six hours before take off. I never thought it was something I would be able to do on my trip. Iceland exceeded all of my expectations, it was like travelling back in time or to another planet. The beauty of it was totally out of this world!

Where did you stay?

We stayed in an Air BnB about an hour and a half away from Reykjavik, right in the heart of the famous Golden Circle. This was a lot cheaper than staying in the capital and the views were absolutely spectacular!!! We were also surrounded by fields of wild horses which made the whole thing that much more magical. Which leads to the next question..


How did you get around? 

From the airport in Reykjavik we hired a car. This is expensive however its totally worth it. All of the beautiful geysirs, waterfalls and national parks are scattered throughout the country and with literally no public transport this is the best way to see as much as you can on this beautiful island.

Travellers Tip: You’re also able to hire camper vans!! This is a great way to save money as you can literally take your accommodation with you. It’s also an awesome option if you’re wanting to explore the north of the Island or just spend more than a week, such a flexible way to explore.


Was it expensive? 

Yes. You just have to look at a map to understand why everything is so expensive in Iceland. Apart from staying out of the main city, I also recommend doing food shopping and to avoid eating out as much as possible. We made sandwiches on the go and it meant we saved time as well! Most of the Golden Circle attractions are free to enter, however some require a small donation just to maintain the natural beauty of the area.

Places to eat on a budget: The Noodle Station, Reykjavik Chips and Gló.

Did you go to the Blue Lagoon? 

Of course!! This was the first thing that we did in Iceland. Straight off the plane and to the Blue Lagoon! For 50 euro this is a must do on your adventure! It is such a stunning place and such a unique experience. I recommend going to some of the smaller lagoons and hot springs, but none that I went to even compared to the Blue Lagoon. If you’re feeling cashed up then splash out on a drink at the swim up bar for the ultimate lux experience.

Traveller tip: Make sure you take your own towels and thongs as the base level package only includes your entry in to the Lagoon.


I don’t want to give away too much more just so that you can go and have your own unique Icelandic experience! Please feel free to comment any other info you would like about Iceland!!

Happy travelling Nomads!!!

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