5 Ways to Save Money for your next Adventure

Lets be honest, the most stressful and least enjoyable part of your journey to all the corners of the globe, is saving for it. Wether you’re off on a massive three month trek across South America or on a quick jaunt to the shores of Thailand. Here are some tips on how to lessen the burden and maximise enjoyment.


  1. Start a coin jarThis is something that has proven to work incredibly well for me! Start up a jar for your coins (or an un-openable tin) and each time you have some spare change deposit it in there. A few days before you leave, open it up and use buy some foreign currency with it. You’ll be surprised how far you can go with it!
  2. BudgetThis is a really tricky one for a lot of people! Try to stick to a realistic budget, look at the way you live and see how much you will need for a week or even a month and go from there.
    It also helps to have a rough weekly budget for when you’re on your travels, by working this out before you go it gives you a savings goal to reach!
  3. Install paymentsIf you use a travel agent, they often offer lay buy or payment plans. This is an awesome way to set small goals for yourself and keep yourself organised. It takes the pressure off trying to save a lump sum and keeps you motivated to save!!
    Head to the Student Flights website for more info on this awesome way to pay for your trip.


  4. Turn your trash to treasureThis is such a fun way to save!! I personally love going to markets and setting up a stall with friends. You would be surprised how much for something you no longer wear. Alternatively you can take to ebay and facebook market places to sell your ‘stuff’. Wether its old clothes and toys or bigger things like furniture I can guarantee there is someone out there that wants it.  (It’s also just an awesome way to de-clutter before you head off).
  5. Find areas to cut back onWhen booking your trip have a look at what you spend your money on. Do you really need smashed avo on toast at the lates café three times a week? Instead of spending money on pilates, maybe opt for a walk in the park or doing online lessons. Whilst these are big sacrifices in your life it will all be worth it when you’re sitting on the plane off to explore somewhere new!



–This is not a sponsored post.–

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