Why you need to go to Salzburg..NOW!


For as long as I can remember I have been looking at the hills surrounding Salzburg (Sound of Music is my mums favourite movie). So naturally when I found myself with a few days to spare, I headed straight to the small Austrian city.


With a population of only 200,000 this is the perfect getaway after touring the bright lights and busy-ness of big Cities!! I started falling in love with Austria before I even got to Salzburg, just sitting on the train and watching the world go by was an absolute feast for the eyes!!


My day in Salzburg started at the palace, which gives you all of the disney princess emotions you could ever want. Then it was across the love lock bride to see the exquisite old town and then all the way up to the fortress. From there the exploration was endless. The whole city is surrounded by hills (Yes, I’m serious) that offer some seriously impressive views. There is a lot of hiking involved, so you’ll get your fitness on after all the schnitzel you’ll be consuming during your Austrian stay.

Now what about Sound of Music? Is it worth doing the tour? And my answer is an absolutely resounding yes!! If you grew up with the movie this is such a fun way to relive it. You get to see almost everything and they even take you on a drive through Maria’s hills. I went in thinking it would be super cheesy with sig a longs and touristy gimicks, but it’s a really fun way to experience being a Vonn-Trapp child!

Pro tip: Even if you don’t like the sound of music, it’s still an awesome way to get a tour of not only the city, but surrounding areas and towns.


Also, If you’re there in September the old town hosts the Austrian version of Oktoberfest where everyone wears traditional dress, drinks hot chocolate and sweet pretzels all morning and then steins and strudel in the evening. Seriously, Salzburg has it all!!


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