What NOT to pack

Over the years I have experienced both the excessiveness of overpacking and the absolute woes of under-packing for a journey. Neither are great experiences as one means you can’t take that vintage trinket home from Portobello Market , and the other leaves you wearing the same t-shirt inside out and back to front for more days than you would care to admit.



Here is a list of what I have found to be pretty useless in my luggage:

  1. A computer.

    While it seems like a good idea they’re bulky, heavy and you’re constantly worried they’ll be taken. There are so many alternatives as well, iPads do nearly entirely the same job and are so much less hassle.

  2. Heels.

    This one is for the ladies, and something I constantly hear and see. We’re all guilty of it. Packing heels ‘just in case’ you need them and then they end up spending the whole trip at the bottom of your suitcase. Really, if you do find yourself in a travel situation where you really need heels, you can always buy some while you’re overseas (which is way more fun anyway – especially in Milan!)

  3. Laundry Detergent.

    Before I left on one of my big trips a lot of people told me to take a small box of laundry detergent. This turned out to be completely useless, as many machines came with detergent in them or Hostels with washing machines provided detergents at reception.


  4. Over ear headphones.

    This one is more up to personal preference, but I certainly found they took up space in the bottom of my backpack, and were just a nuisance. Most airlines provide fairly good headphones for your journey and standard iPhone headphones do the job (and it isn’t too much of a worry if you lose them).

  5. A complete first aid kit. 

    Of course taking essentials like band aids, cold and flu medication and any other medication or items that are necessary for you. However, depending on your location you’re unlikely to need three cans of bug spray, gauze, antiseptic and other items that come in standard first aid kits. Opt for the essentials, and if you need anything while on your travels its not too hard to find a pharmacies.

I hope this helps you make some more considered packing decisions and make room in your suitcase or backpack for all the goodies you pick up along the way!

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