About her.



My name is Darcy, I’m 21, living in Melbourne. I was born in the majestic Highlands of Scotland . When I was three months old, I hopped on a plane (well, I was carried on) and that was the first of many international flights.

Having grown up in Melbourne, I was always so far away from my birth place and family with my one post high school goal to head back there. Throughout my life I’ve been fortunate enough to travel both at home and abrouad with my family.

Last year I spent three months touring Europe by myself. What I’m hoping to do with my blog is create a space that will give more people the courage to travel solo, and make the whole process seem less daunting. I’ll share with you all everything I learnt over that time and hopefully help you have the best time you possibly can on an travel you decide to take yourself on.

Can’t wait!

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